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Partner With Us to Help Small Business

Banks & Lenders: Regardless of where we are in business we depend on doing business on other businesses. As a lender you need businesses to borrow money and pay it back as agreed. We can help in cases where the borrower is not within their lending parameters. Where they would otherwise have to say no and turn them away they can now say I know someone that may be able to help.

It may also happen where a customer has become out of formula and influx of capital or better cash flow could allow them to operate more effectively and thereby come back into formula. We can help.

Accountants: As an accountant or bookkeeper you may see a client where poor cash flow is impeding their growth, hindering their daily operations or even destroying the company.  We can help.

Insurance Agents: When you're setting up a program for a  young cash sensitive company such as a trucking or staffing. These types of businesses need cash coming in as fast as it goes out. A staffing firm needs to be able to pay the employees as they log hours but has to wait on the contracting companies to pay them. A trucking/ company needs to pay operating costs and has to wait on the shipper to pay them.  If they are a young company a suitable credit line to cover these costs as they fluctuate are unlikely.

Various scenarios can create serious cash flow problems and even result in business failure. Referring them to us can help them avoid it.

Wholesale & Retail Buyers: If you're a wholesale or retail buyer whether its for a chain store, wholesaler or government agency you may see a company that can't afford to absorb the impact of slow payments. This is particularly prevalent in small business especially if they are not established. As a buyer when you see these companies submitting or winning bids or otherwise given a purchase order that the may have a problem filling due to cash flow we can help them.

Business Owner & Collection Departments: As a business in general you may be seeing a client that has an erratic payment history. This could be due to poor cash flow within their organization. As you discuss with them the late payment you might ask if cash flow is the cause. If it is we can counsel with them on methods to speed their payables whether it's factoring/receivable finance arrangement and/or simply better credit evaluation or billing practices.

Remember: When you refer to us be assured that we always handle clients with the utmost care. Their success is our only concern.

We place a high value on giving back to the communities we work in through volunteerism and philanthropy. A percentage of transactions that we are involved with goes back to your clients favorite charity.


Phone: 1.877.531.2369  Missouri Local 1.417.437.3949 Arkansas Local 1.479.696.6254 Oklahoma Local 1.918.919.8449

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