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Purchase Order Finance - Purchase Order Funding

What is purchase order finance?

Purchase order finance is a method of obtaining funds to complete terms of a binding purchase orders.

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When you have more orders than resources to fulfill them you may be a candidate for Purchase Order Funding. Whether you are a manufacture that needs raw materials or sub-assemblies or a wholesaler needing product, relax, your solutions could be very simple. Contact us.

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bulletRaw Materials
bulletDirect Labor Costs
bulletShipping Costs
bulletEngineering Costs
bulletCapital Equipment
bulletOverheadPurchase order financing / PO Funding

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Purchase Order Financing:

Purchase order financing is a method for a business to obtain quick capital. The steps to purchase order financing are: get a purchase order from customer; find a reliable supplier for the products, and lastly place the order with that supplier. It is a great solution for when cash flow reserves are low. Purchase order financing frees up cash for critical business expenses. Another benefit is that it does not show up as debt for business. This makes it possible to not only use extra cash to get discounts on purchases, but it also allows business to get approved for more financing.



A purchase order represents the formal and final agreement to a purchasing transaction with a vendor. It identifies:

bulletthe vendor
bulletthe material to be ordered
bulletthe quantity
bulletthe price
bulletthe delivery date and terms of delivery
bulletthe terms of payment

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Purchase order finance - Purchase order funding - PO finance - PO funding

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