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Considering invoice factoring? Wouldn't you prefer working with a factoring company that works for you? There are hundreds of good factoring companies in the US and abroad. We'll help you navigate the process to get the best deal.

Invoice factoring is the simple exchange of the value of a receivable for working capital. The receivable can be in the form of a freight bill (freight bill factoring, invoice (invoice factoring), a progress payment (construction factoring) or medical receivable (healthcare factoring).

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Regardless of whether you are factoring medical receivables, construction receivable, freight bill or other invoice, factoring allows you to access working capital to grow.

As with many lenders & accountants realize, factoring is not always the best answer. Sometimes factoring is the best possible solution, sometimes it may be the  worst.

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What in many cases factoring is the most effective tool  to help growing businesses handle their accounts receivable and improve their cash flow (factoring) can be the worst if the company is delivering bad product or sub par service.

The most important thing is to obtain the information you need to make an informed decision.  Not just from this site but others as well.

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Under time presures? Maybe factoring can help. Right now you could be just one small step away from better cash flow and a smoother running business. When cash flow is controllable, payments received on time and bills paid on time managing your business becomes so much simpler. Your creativity increases. Your mind is clearer to move on to larger & more profitable ventures.

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Diversified Resources was formed as a sole proprietorship in 1998.  Its mission: to serve small & medium sized business primarily in the four state region to improve their cash flow. (Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas)

Since that time we have had the opportunity to work with businesses around the country as well.

 Diversified Resources is able to help businesses grow through various methods from simple billing changes & better understanding of vendors & client’s processes to financing receivables and/or purchase orders.

 In addition Diversified Resources works with consumer contract servicing & finance, commercial credit counseling, factoring and related services.

 If you, one of your customers or vendors  is having trouble balancing the time lag between receivables and payables or if you

just have questions please call for a free initial consultation.

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Our Mission 

Provide businesses access to sophisticated and diverse financial tools including invoice factoring in a timely and professional manner. Perform above client expectation. Strive to keep America strong by supporting small business.


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Diversified Resources is not just a factoring company but a consulting company. We help small & medium sized businesses with cash flow and finance related issues. Some of the tools we use include factoring, receivable finance, invoice discounting as well as more effective collection methods.


If you have any questions about factoring, how factoring companies work or other interests in financial tools please contact us. Our job is to provide support and help you grow your businesses not to close factoring transactions.

Factoring - Accounts Receivable Finance - Purchase Order Finance - Construction Factoring - Healthcare Factoring - Working Capital

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