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Healthcare Factoring - Medical Factoring

Healthcare is a multi faceted industry and a large part of the US economy so it's no surprise that Factoring in the Healthcare industries is one of our primary groups of funding.

Are your current financial tools not meeting the needs of your medical facility?  No?

Would some additional working capital help? How about  better cash flow ? Yes?

Now you're considering factoring your healthcare receivables?

Well... It may be easier than you think... 

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Whether you are a sole practitioner or part of a large medical facility you know what cash flow variations can do to operations. One popular solution is in fact medical factoring of 3rd party medical receivables (Healthcare Factoring).

 You can have payments for Medicaid and insurance payments faster and more reliably.  

Once an account is set up, you just submit your billings and the money is deposited into your account.

Operating capital could be a simple phone call away. 

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Who qualifies?medical factoring for healthcare professionals

bulletSolo Practitioners 
bulletGroup Practices
bulletNursing Homes
bulletHealth Centers
bulletAmbulance Companies
bulletHome Care Companies
bulletSkilled Nursing Facilities
bulletMRI Units
bulletStaffing Companies
bulletMedical Equipment
bulletMany Others


bulletFrees up capital
bulletFast and dependable

Note: Factoring  is one of the oldest and most used forms of finance in the world. Historically reserved for very large  corporations, in the last few decades it has been offered to smaller and more divers businesses.

See if you qualify...

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